Medical Illustrations

Why Medical Illustrations

Medical illustrations and animations have a unique power to communicate critical ideas precisely and effectively. Where words are often inadequate to describe, and photographs fail to offer the contrast and visualization that clearly demonstrate a concept, a good illustration can tell the story at a glance.

With his work featured on TV, in newspapers, textbooks, journals, and in prestigious medical publications, Randal McKenzie is a recognized master of medical illustration.

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Who Needs Medical Illustration?

Scientists, surgeons, and researchers, to name a few. From the intern to the specialist, from the grant writer to the designer of surgical implements, from pharmaceutical manufacturers to homeland security – the range of professionals needing quality medical illustrations is vast.

Scientific illustration is essential for the preparation of successful grants, studies and papers, textbooks, training videos, and more.

Randal McKenzie’s work has been seen on ABC’s Nightline to illustrate obesity, on ESPN to illustrate head trauma, and on Oprah to illustrate radical surgery. These are just a few of the thousands of venues where Randal McKenzie’s work has added a compelling visualization.

Custom Medical Drawings in Your Field

These are custom illustrations, made to your order, specifically designed to communicate your concept in fields including:

Professionals choose Randal McKenzie when accurate results, quick turnaround, and affordable pricing are critical to a successful project. You can too. Contact Randal McKenzie today to discuss your medical illustration needs.

You’ll be collaborating with a medically knowledgeable artist whose dedication to accuracy and excellence will surpass your expectations.