Medical Illustrations

Award winning medical illustrations for presentations, articles, medical journals, grant writing, textbooks, and more. 

Custom developed to your order.  Expert, anatomically accurate illustrations for medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers. 

For examples of the quality and accuracy possible, please visit our Medical Images Gallery for samples of completed work.

Experience & Accuracy

Randal McKenzie is an experienced anatomist.  He works closely with scientists, surgeons, and researchers, spending a significant amount of time each year in research facilities and ORs. 

Randal McKenzie's award winning illustrations have been used in the New York Times and seen on Oprah, Nightline, ESPN, The Doctors (syndicated TV talk show), Masterpiece Theater UK as well as in thousands of authoritative publications.

Precise, Anatomically Correct Medical Illustrations

Communicating ideas through accurate medical illustrations is as important today as it was in the time of Henry Gray.  From illustrating surgical procedures to demonstrating proper technique in the use of a new medical device, illustrations bring an immediate clarity of concept that cannot be matched by either words or video.  

Randal McKenzie brings decades of experience, award winning talent, and the eye of a trained anatomist to your project.  He is able to communicate your ideas visually, bringing a compelling style and precision that few illustrators can match.  Samples are available in our Medical Images Gallery.

Why Choose McKenzie Illustrations for Your Project?

Ease of communication and collaboration with a medically knowledgeable artist whose dedication to accuracy and excellence will surpass your expectations.  Quick turnaround times.  Affordable pricing.  Want to learn more?  Contact Randal McKenzie today.


“Randy is the best medical illustrator in the business. He makes me want to turn every story or idea into an illustration.”

  – Alan Russell, Highmark Distinguished Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

“I’ve worked with Randy on many projects over the last 20 years and he has never done anything less than a superlative job. He is a top-notch illustrator with an encyclopedic knowledge of human anatomy who really knows how to get a point across through his drawings. I really can’t say enough good things about Randy; in my opinion he’s simply the best.”

 – Dennis Trumble, Adjunct Professor at Carnegie Mellon University