Medical Animations

Communicating Medical Concepts Through Animation

Randal McKenzie’s staff of highly trained animators provide scientific animation services for medical professionals and the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

  • Both Custom and Stock Medical Animations are available.

Virtual visualizations offer an immediate way to educate, communicate concepts, and offer compelling content to your audience or target market.

  • Product Deployment animations – such as stent insertion and joint replacement
  • Mechanism of Action animations – illustrating the biochemical interactions the result in a pharmaceutical effect
  • Technique and Use animations – demonstrating the proper use of new or modified surgical instruments

Animations allow your audience to travel with blood cells, experience respiration from within the lungs, and understand the actions of everything from pharmaceuticals to pathogens at the level of cell membranes and receptors.

Custom Medical Animations

All animations are developed as custom, anatomically and scientifically accurate representations of the concept you need to communicate. We work with you to assure every detail offers the precision and accuracy required. For use in:

  • FDA Panel meetings
  • Conference and product sales presentations
  • Video and television
  • Website display

Randal McKenzie is a trained anatomist and award winning illustrator. Learn more on our About Us page, then contact Randal today to discuss your medical animation project.

You’ll be collaborating with a medically knowledgeable artist whose dedication to accuracy and excellence will surpass your expectations.

Stock Medical Animations

In addition to custom animations, we have completed animations in stock and available for resale.  In the column at right, you’ll see Heart Stent, Heart Anatomy, and Cell Animations available for your project.

If you are looking for a specific animation we may have in stock, please don’t hesitate to contact us and make us aware of your needs.