Cardiothoracic IllustrationsCardiothoracic Illustrations

Communicating Cardiothoracic Concepts Through Art

Do you need a detailed view of a valve replacement, or advancing updates in cardiac surgery of the heart?

A custom cardiothoracic illustration not only provides an accurate anatomical view from exactly the perspective desired, but can be configured to demonstrate the precise concept required for your project.

From techniques in thoracic and vascular surgery to robot assisted heart surgery, if you have a concept to communicate clearly to your audience or target market, a custom cardiothoracic illustration from Randal McKenzie can add a compelling visual element to your presentation.Cardiothoracic Illustrations

Uses of Cardiothoracic Illustration

Medical illustrations and animations by Randal McKenzie are used to enhance articles in scientific and medical journals, for training videos, medical grants, conference presentations, textbooks, anatomy charts, sales pieces, and manufacturer specifications.

Learn more about Randal McKenzie and his award winning contributions to the fields of medical illustration, then contact Randal today!

Custom Medical Drawings in Your Field

In addition to Cardiothoracic Illustrations, Randal McKenzie is a knowledgeable illustrator who regularly contributes to professionals in the following fields:

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Commission custom medical images from an experienced anatomist and award winning illustrator.

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