Photo Retouching

As part of our additional services, McKenzie Illustrations offers professional photo retouching and restoration.

In the hands of an experienced illustrator, the same 21st century software that allows for high end medical illustrations brings flawed or otherwise unusable images back to life.

  • Adjusting color balance and lighting
  • Repair of tears and marks on printed images
  • Cloning and enhancement effects
  • Removing unwanted elements from the image

Your photo can be cleaned up, even have its subject clipped off its original background for added emphasis. Randal McKenzie can completely change the look and feel of a photograph to emphasize areas of interest and make the presentation of the photo complement the overall graphic design of your project.

Each photo is approached as an individual project. Your photo is not put through an automated process, but is retouched by Randal McKenzie himself, an award winning illustrator with decades of experience.

For more information, please contact Randal McKenzie today.